Dispelling the 10 Biggest Wage and Hour Myths: Part II

Let’s take a look at Wage and Hour Myth #2 on our list—mandatory breaks.  Employees often question employers about their “mandatory breaks.”  They want to know why their employer is not giving them breaks or what they should do if they did not get their break.  Usually, these employees claim that their belief about mandatory breaks is based upon something they read on the internet.  File this one away under the category of don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

2.     Employees are entitled to mandatory work breaks.   FALSE.  With the exception of truck drivers and minors, employees have no legal entitlement to any breaks during the work day.  This includes lunch and meal breaks.  While most employers provide a lunch or meal break, employees have no legal entitlement to such breaks.  In the event that an employer is unionized, the break issue will be governed by the applicable collective bargaining agreement.

Tune in tomorrow for wage and hour myth #3.